A Very Oishii Assignment!

Media Japan first approached Material World to help them create the launch issue of Oishii in 2013. It has been three years of partnership and the Oishii magazine is – without a doubt – the team’s favourite assignment! 

Every quarter, one member of Material World travels to Japan to learn more about a prefecture in the Land of the Rising Sun. It’s an opportunity we treasure because who better to introduce us to the many wondrous food and sights of Japan than the Japanese themselves? Our clients from Media Japan have taught us so much about Japanese food culture and, through them, we have definitely become pickier eaters and BIG sake drinkers! Below, Vanessa Tai tells us more about her experience working on the Yamanashi report for Issue 10 of Oishii:

1. What are some of your challenges when compiling the prefecture report for Oishii? 

Because each place we visited had so much history, it was challenging to distill the information into the key points of interest. Again, it was about putting myself in the position of the reader and thinking, “Which piece of information would be the most surprising or interesting?”

2. You tried subbing for the first time with the Spring 2016 issue of Oishii, what was the experience like and what did it show you about the work of a sub-editor? 

For one, I don’t know how Lili did it for years and years! Subbing was a very anxiety-inducing exercise; I went through the text multiple times to make sure I didn’t miss anything or left any fact unchecked. A good sub-editor not only needs to have a solid knowledge of grammar rules and the publication’s house-style, they also need to question whether or not a particular part of the story makes sense. It also helps to have a flair for writing, so you can break apart and stitch together sentences with minimal fuss.

3. What tips do you have for someone who would be visiting Yamanashi soon? 

While there is public transport available, most of the places of interest are quite rural and located far apart from each other, so it’d be better to hire a car to get around. As with most places in Japan, the food is incredible so leave your diet at the airport!

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