Go Away: A Website By Material World

Go Away is a project started in partnership with a car-maker with the hopes that it will inspire people to drive away and explore their neighbourhood, city, country, and the world. 

Key takeaway: 
1. In May 2015, Material World started a new travel & lifestyle website – Go Away

2. German carmaker Volkswagen lent the Go Away team 2 cars and invested money into the site. The 9-month partnership saw the team featuring Go Away x Volkswagen cars in certain posts and created events that allowed readers to come into contact with VW cars. 

3. To date, Go Away’s Facebook Page has over 38,000 fans. The site attracts an average of 75,000 views per month. 

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Why is the site named Go Away? 
Because on the train, every morning, everyone is secretly thinking, “When can I go away?”; “Where should I go away to next?”; “Can everyone just go away and leave me alone??”. Go Away is an apt name for a site that’s about inspiring you to get out there and explore the world around you.

Who should read Go Away?
Go Away was created for the young urban professional with an insatiable zest for life, and who longs to go out there and discover what the world has to offer. With articles written by insiders with an in-depth knowledge of major cities around the round, Go Away is the handy resource for travellers who want to cut through the smoke and mirrors for genuinely helpful tips they can use, whether overseas or right here in Singapore.

Notable partners of Go Away
1. Volkswagen Singapore 
Besides investing a sum of money into the site, the carmaker loaned Go Away 2 cars branded with the Go Away logo for 9 months. In return, Go Away created posts featuring the cars, events that allowed readers to engage with the brand, and did a video campaign starring Hossan Leong and 5 personalities.

2. Flymya
A service that lets you book your domestic flights within Myanmar, Flymya took up 6 sponsored posts on Go Away to promote Myanmar as a tourist destination. These posts were viewed over 8,500 times.

To take up a sponsored post on Go Away, please contact us here.

Stats to know:  
1. 59% of Go Away’s readers are female.
2. Top Three Interests of Go Away’s readers are: Travel, Food & Entertainment, Shopping & Gifting.
3. The top reader age-group is 25 – 34 (42%), followed by 18 – 24 (25%).

We are interested in covering: 
1. Travel-related news – products, destinations, accommodation, launches, etc.
2. Singapore-related lifestyle news – where to eat, where to play, where to stay in Singapore.
3. Media fam trips – HK Disneyland and Penang with Casio are two trips we have done and covered and received great response from readers.

For more information on Go Away, drop us a mail at general@materialworld.com.sg or enquiry@goaway.sg. 

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