Denise Li: Material World Co-founder

Denise Li 

Passionate about sports and fitness, Denise Li enjoys martial arts and has been learning Brazilian jiu-jitusu for close to two years now. Besides a keen interest in writing about health, fitness, and combat sports, she believes everyone has a story to tell, and enjoys being the person to help craft that story.

1. Pet topics are health and fitness, with a special interest in martial arts

2. Experienced in crafting press releases for beauty and lifestyle brands

3. Former features editor who pens great personality pieces

Denise’s portfolio:
1. (Chiang) Mai My Favourite Place [Tiger Tales, Ink Publishing]

2. Heart of a Lion: Singapore’s Jiujitsu Lab’s IBJJF Champion Emma Xiong [Yahoo Sports]

3. Laneige BB Cushion Press Release [Laneige, Amorepacific]

4. Flying High [Oishii Summer 2016, Media Japan]

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Denise Li
Material World LLP